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Testimonials from Northwich IDL users

"He has come on in leaps and bounds.  He came to you with no confidence, very low self-esteem and his reading skills were very poor.  13 months later he is very confident, there is nothing he won't have a go at.  His self-esteem is high and his reading is excellent"

"His teachers have noticed an improvement with his school work, which is great"

"The improvement has been truly remarkable and must be seen to be believed"

"She now joins in with class discussion and is never afraid to give her opinion"

"Thank you for your help.  My reading and writing skills have improved no end, and I am able to get involved with my childrens' reading far better than before"

"Business is so much easier to conduct, thank you"

"Thanks once again to you and your team for giving my son the confidence to realise his own potential.  I am sure he will be able to build on it to create a future that he previously thought unachievable.  Many, many thanks."

"I'm thrilled with his improvement, he is so much more confident at school.  Thank you so much - I can't wait for parents' evening!"

"Yvonne at the Northwich dyslexia Centre was like a light at the end of a dark tunnel. Years of extra reading sessions at school and being removed from class for extra lessons had no effect on my daughter's dyslexia problem.  By the age of 15 she still had the reading age  of a nine year old.  After only one year using Yvonne's method of teaching my daughter's reading age rocketed and with that so did her confidence.

Since then she has never looked back and is now happily settled at University.  I definitely recommend all those parents out there who are feeling lost and helpless to to contact the centre for advice.   If my second child should start to show signs of dyslexia I would not hesitate to contact Yvonne for help.  We are so lucky to have a resource such as this in our area.  Thank you Yvonne."

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